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3GPP2 Elects Leadership for 2003-2004 Term January 20, 2003
3GPP2 Decides on 1xEV-DV Technology & Prepares for Joint Meeting with 3GPP on Harmonization October 26, 2001
Wireless Multimedia Forum Joins 3GPP2 April 20, 2001
State of the Art Vocoder Technology Passes Critical Milestone March 15, 2001
3GPP2 Expands Its Partners     July 25, 2000
3GPP2 Completes cdma2000® Specification     April 18, 2000
Operators Harmonization Group (OHG) Approves International Charter     March 6, 2000
3GPP2 Expands Its Partners     January 27, 2000
Operators Harmonization Group (OHG) Letter    
3G Mobile Broadband Conference (Chicago) Presentation     August 11, 1999
First in the World to be Offering Commercial 3rd Generation Mobile Services     July 15, 1999
3GPP2 Agrees to Accept Operators Harmonization Group's Recommendation for Global 3G Standards     July 14, 1999
Open Letter to Standard Organizations from Operators Harmonization Group on Global 3G (G3G) cdma Standard     June 2, 1999
China Joins Third-Generation Partnership Project 2     May 28, 1999
Presentation Given by the Chair of the 3GPP2 Steering Committee at TR-45 Meeting     March 3, 1999
World Standards Organizations Launch Partnership Project for Third-Generation Wireless     January 27, 1999
IMT-2000 Press Release    

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