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3GPP2 Elects Leadership for 2003-2004 Term

January 20, 2003 - Shenzhen, China - Dr. Hideo Okinaka of KDDI has been confirmed as Chair of the Third Generation Partnership Project 2's (3GPP2) Steering Committee, responsible for managing 3GPP2's workflow and progress, for the 2003-2004 term. He replaces Mr. Steven Dennett of Nextel Communications (formerly of Motorola). Dr. Okinaka has previously served as Chair of 3GPP2's Technical Specification Group on Services and System Aspects (TSG-S).

Addressing the Project's Organizational Partners, Dr. Okinaka highlighted the Project's "substantial achievements" in the development of CDMA2000 1x, 1xEV-DO, and 1xEV-DV and set goals for the organization that include fine-tuning the organization's structure and evaluating and pursuing new organizational partnerships. "I stress my full confidence", Dr. Okinaka stated, "that, together, we will be successful in meeting the challenges we will face and in strengthening the market position of CDMA2000."

In 3GPP2 Technical Specification Group (TSG) elections also taking place this week, Dr. Byung K Yi of LG Electronics has been elected Chair of 3GPP2's TSG-C (cdma2000). Dr. Yi joins incumbents George Turnipseed and Richard Robinson, both of Sprint PCS, serving a further term as Chairs of 3GPP2's technical specifications groups on Access Network Interfaces and Services and Systems Aspects respectively. Elections for 3GPP2's remaining Chair positions were deferred pending the creation of a new 3GPP2 technical specification group encompassing both Intersystem Operations and Wireless Packet Data Networking.

In handing over the reins to the new leadership team, Mr. Dennett applauded the newly confirmed Chairs. "I am delighted to see representatives from Japan, Korea and the USA making up the 3GPP2 leadership team, reflecting the Organizational Partners' commitment to cdma2000. I am proud of 3GPP2's accomplishments and wish the new leadership team much success as it sets out to build on these achievements".


The Third Generation Partnership Project 2 is a collaborative Third Generation (3G) telecommunications specification-setting project comprising North American and Asian interests.

The five Organizational Partners of the Third Generation Partnership Project 2, which are nationally recognized Standards Development Organizations are:

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