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On behalf of the founding member companies of the Operators Harmonization Group (OHG), I am pleased to announce an international charter that formalizes the organization´┐Żs commitment to developing IMT-2000 technology as the global standard for third-generation (3G) wireless networks.

The OHG is an operator-driven organisation addressing key technology options within the IMT-2000 system specifications. The harmonisation activities of the OHG, now supported in a formal agreement are expected to bring the following benefits to customers beginning in the year 2001:

  • A transparent customer roaming experience across all IMT-2000 systems on a worldwide basis
  • A broader range of services
  • A wider variety of customer equipment and applications
  • Lower potential handset costs through economies of scale in R&D and manufacturing

The OHG will provide operator direction in harmonisation areas to the appropriate standardization bodies and other industry organisations. Some of the areas identified by the OHG for further harmonization include an IP core network, voice and video codecs, and virtual home environment (VHE) service.

Harmonised standards will improve the ability of wireless companies to continue to evolve existing wireless services and networks to meet the needs of the industry and consumers in a more efficient manner while delivering enhanced capabilities at lower costs. We encourage you to work with other members of the global standards development community to collectively support all aspects of the ITU IMT-2000 Recommendations.

The founding members of the OHG are: Bell Atlantic Mobile, Bell Mobility, BellSouth Cellular, China Mobile, China Unicom, DACOM, DDI, Hansol M.Com, IDO, Japan Telecom, KDD, Korea Telecom, LG TeleCom, Microcell Connexions, NTT DoCoMo, Omnitel, SingTel, SK Telecom, Sprint PCS, Telefonica Moviles, Telesystem International Wireless, T-Mobil, Vodafone AirTouch, and VoiceStream Wireless.

The OHG looks forward to working with your organization to provide input towards a timely and successful global development of IMT-2000. We look forward to your suggestions and input to assist in determining ways that we can effectively work together.


Professor Michael Walker
Vodafone Airtouch Plc
The Courtyard, 2-4 London Road
Newbury, Berkshire RG14 IJX
United Kingdom

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