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Approved and Published 3GPP2 Documents

All 3GPP2 approved and published documents are available within the drop-down menu below. You can choose to view and download documents from the entire library, or you may limit the result to display only documents from one of 3GPP2's Technical Specification Groups (TSGs). In all cases, the catalog table can be sorted by its highlighted headings. For instance, you may choose to display the table sorted by Publication Date or document number.

To understand the 3GPP2 publication numbering system, please review our Publication Numbering Guidelines.

Note: Each file is in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf), which allows you to view and print these formatted documents from most computers. You will require the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click on the icon to download the tool.

Cross-Reference to Published Standards

3GPP2 specifications and reports are converted into standards by each of the Project's Organizational Partners. Use the drop-down menu below to view a table cross-referencing the 3GPP2 specification or report to its Organizational Partner counterpart. You can either choose to view the cross-reference table or you may limit your search to show only documents from one particular Organizational Partner SDO.

Documents Under Development

If the 3GPP2 document you are looking for does not appear in any of the lists above, it may still be under development. Documents nearing the final phases of the development process are said to be undergoing validation and verification "V and V". This is followed by a final review by the 3GPP2 Steering Committee prior to publication. Documents currently undergoing the V and V process are accessible here. Documents currently under Steering Committee review are accessible here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Documents under development are subject to modification and revision prior to publication.

Use of Copyrighted Material

If you are interested in incorporating 3GPP2 materials (such as text, figures, illustrations, equations) into a document to be published either in print or electronically, you will need to complete the "Permission to Reproduce 3GPP2 Materials" form.

3GPP2 Industry Notices

To review 3GPP2 Industry Notices, click here.

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