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There are currently 11 Specifications/Reports Under Steering Committee Review

Submitted By Document Title Due Date
TSG-AC C.S0017-010-A v3.0 - Data Service Options for Spread Spectrum Systems: Radio Link Protocol Type 3 (681 KB) 08-Aug-14  
TSG-SX X.S0065-A v1.0 - Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) (574 KB) 10-Apr-14  
TSG-SX X.S0008-A v2.0 - MAP Support for the Mobile Equipment Identity (MEID) (1,556 KB) 10-Apr-14  
TSG-AC C.S0108-0 v1.0 - Guidelines for using cdma2000 1x Revision F M2M Features (327 KB) 08-Aug-14  
TSG-AC C.S0073-B v2.0 - Signaling Test Specification for Mobile Station Equipment Identifier (MEID) Support for cdma2000 Spread Spectrum Systems (678) 08-Aug-14  
TSG-SX S.R0150-0 v1.0 - Self-Organizing Networks (SON) System Requirements (134 KB) 07-Aug-14  
TSG-SX S.R0153-0 v1.0 - Study for CDMA – LTE Inter-Technology Spectrum Optimization (206 KB) 07-Aug-14  
TSG-SX X.S0057-B v2.0 - E-UTRAN – eHRPD Connectivity and Interworking: Core Network Aspects (2,012 KB) 07-Aug-14  
TSG-SX X.S0068-0 v1.0 - Network Enhancements for Machine to Machine (M2M) (345 KB) 08-Aug-14  
TSG-AC C.S0065-C v1.0 - cdma2000 Application on UICC for Spread Spectrum Systems (4,200 KB) 06-Aug-14  
TSG-AC C.S0074-B v1.0 - UICC-Terminal interface - Physical and Logical Characteristics for cdma2000 Spread Spectrum Systems (164 KB) 07-Aug-14  

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