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According to Article 3.2.2 of the Third Generation Partnership Project 2 Agreement, the 3GPP2 Organizational Partners jointly own copyright on the Technical Specifications and Technical Reports approved by 3GPP2.

On behalf of the Organizational Partners, the 3GPP2 Secretariat thanks you for your interest in 3GPP2 specifications and reports and will consider granting you a copyright license to permit you to use 3GPP2 materials in your own publications once you have completed and submitted the following form. Please submit separate requests for each specification/report you intend to use.

Your request for copyright licensure will be processed with the shortest possible delay. Please note that incomplete forms will not be processed. Required fields are designated by an asterisk (*).

1. What is the reference of the specification or report?

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* 3. What is the intended use of the extract?

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* 4. How much of the document do you wish to use?

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* 5. What will be the medium/media of reproduction?

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* 6. How many copies do you intend to produce (if printed text or CD-ROM)?

* 7. What is the geographical scale of the intended use?

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8. Notes/Comments. Enter any notes for the 3GPP2 Secretariat's consideration.


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