Starting and Stopping ColdFusion

Generally speaking, you should always stop and restart ColdFusion Server after making any changes that affect a data source, connection parameter such as caching, thread count, and so on. Specifically, you stop and restart ColdFusion services after making any of the following changes in the Administrator:

Using batch files to start and stop ColdFusion (Windows)

You can use batch files in Windows NT to stop and restart ColdFusion services. The Windows NT NET START and NET STOP commands can be used in batch files to start and stop ColdFusion services, as in the following excerpt:

NET STOP "Cold Fusion Application Server"
NET START "Cold Fusion Application Server"

Batch files, as well as other executables, can be scheduled in Windows NT. Refer to your Windows NT documentation for more information about scheduling, and stopping and starting NT services.

Note Note:You must be logged in with Administrator rights to execute these batch commands.