The ColdFusion Administrator

You use the Administrator to perform a variety of administrative tasks for the ColdFusion Server, such as adding and configuring a data source and configuring security settings. During the ColdFusion installation process, you specify an Administrator password that is used to prevent unauthorized access to the Administrator pages.

Note To open the ColdFusion Administrator:
  1. Select Start > Programs > ColdFusion Express >ColdFusion Express Administrator
  2. or

  3. Open the administrator by loading the following URL:
  4. http://hostname/CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm

Where hostname is the name of the server hosting ColdFusion.

Accessing the Administrator remotely

To access ColdFusion Administrator pages remotely, you load the following URL:


where hostname is the name of the system on which ColdFusion is installed. If you are using ColdFusion Administrator security, you will be prompted to enter a password. If your Web server is providing security, access to the Administrator pages is governed by the permissions defined in your Web server.

Once the Administrator page loads, click one of the Administrator links to work with a specific area of the Administrator.

ColdFusion Administrator Options 
Category Description
Settings Includes options for tuning server performance.
ODBC Sources Use to configure ColdFusion data sources, including:
Basic Security Configuring Administrator passwords and security options
Mapping Mapping directories
Logging You use the Logging pages to configure a ColdFusion Administrator email address, and to:
  • Specify a directory for ColdFusion log files
  • View ColdFusion log files
Debugging The debugging page allows you to enable and configure error message output for ColdFusion pages.
Advanced Features This page provides information about upgrading to ColdFusion Server Enterprise and ColdFusion Server Professional.