Monitoring ColdFusion Performance

ColdFusion provides a set of counters for monitoring the performance of the ColdFusion Express Server. This allows you to use the Windows NT Performance Monitor administration utility to monitor ColdFusion performance. This enhancement to NT Performance Monitor is installed automatically by the ColdFusion Express setup.

A Windows NT Performance Monitor configuration file has been added to ColdFusion for Windows systems that is pre-configured to monitor ColdFusion Server activity. The Performance Monitor configuration file, ColdFusionServer.pmc is installed in cfusion\bin.

To monitor ColdFusion Server activity, click on the ColdFusion Performance Monitor icon in the ColdFusion Server Program group. You can also open the Performance Monitor utility and then open the cfusion/bin/ColdFusionServer.pmc file.

ColdFusion counters available

ColdFusion supports 11 different counters you can enable in the Windows Performance Monitor:

Note To enable the Performance Monitor for ColdFusion:
  1. Open the ColdFusion Administrator to the Miscellaneous Debugging page.
  2. Click the Enable performance monitoring option. The default is off.
  3. Click Apply to save the new setting.
Note To configure the Performance Monitor:
  1. From the Windows Start menu, select Programs > Administrative Tools > Performance Monitor.
  2. In the Performance Monitor, select Edit > Add to Chart or File > Open to open an existing chart.
  3. In the Add to Chart dialog, select ColdFusion Server from the Object drop-down list. You can change any of the display options (Color, Scale, Width, Style) for a counter before adding it.

  4. Click one or more selections in the Counters list, then click the Add button. The counters are listed at the bottom of the Chart View.
  5. Click the Explain button to display embedded help for the selected counter.