The Settings Page

The Administrator Server Settings page contains several configuration options you can set or enable to manage ColdFusion Server. Many of these options can significantly affect server performance. Use the following table to find out about options on the Server Settings Administrator page.

Server Settings Options 
Option Description
Limit simultaneous requests Use this value to limit the number of simultaneous requests for ColdFusion Server. Once ColdFusion reaches this limit, requests are queued up and handled in the order received.
Timeout requests Set a value to limit the amount of time ColdFusion waits before terminating a request.
Restart unresponsive server This option allows you to restart the ColdFusion Server service (daemon) in the event some ColdFusion component does not respond within the specified amount of time.
Enforce strict attribute validation Enables strict attribute validation rules. ColdFusion tag attributes that are not relevant to the execution of a tag will not be allowed. When disabled, irrelevant attributes may be passed to CFML tags without effect. Strict attribute validation improves template execution time and can help prevent many CFML coding errors.
Template cache size Use this option to specify how much memory you want to reserve for caching ColdFusion pages. For best performance, assuming your server has enough memory, you should set this value to the total number of kilobytes of all your active ColdFusion pages.
Trusted cache Allows ColdFusion to use cached application pages (templates) without first checking to see if they've been changed.
Limit database connection inactive time Use this option to limit the amount of time ColdFusion allows a cached database connection to remain inactive. This option is ignored if the option to maintain database connections has not been enabled for an individual data source.
Limit maximum number of cached queries Limits the maximum number of cached queries that the server will maintain. Cached queries allow for retrieval of result sets from memory rather than through a database transaction. The maximum number of cached queries allowed at any given time is 100. When this value is reached, the oldest query is dropped from the cache and replaced with the specified query.

When changing values on this page, be sure to stop and restart ColdFusion for these options to take affect.