Alphabetical List of ColdFusion Express Tags

The ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) consists of a set of tags you use in your ColdFusion pages to interact with data sources, manipulate data, and display output. ColdFusion Express supports a subset of CFML. Using CFML tags is very simple; tag syntax is much like HTML element syntax.

The following table provides brief descriptions of each CFML tag included with ColdFusion Express.

ColdFusion Express Tag Summary 



CFABORT Stops processing of a ColdFusion page at the tag location.
CFAPPLICATION Defines application name and activates client variables.
CFBREAK Breaks out of a CFML looping construct.
CFCOOKIE Defines and sets cookie variables.
CFIF CFELSEIF CFELSE Used to create IF-THEN-ELSE constructs.
CFINCLUDE Embeds references to ColdFusion pages.
CFINSERT Inserts records in an ODBC data source.
CFLOCATION Opens a ColdFusion page or HTML file.
CFLOOP Repeats a set of instructions based on a set of conditions.
CFOUTPUT Displays output of database query or other operation.
CFPARAM Defines a parameter and its initial default value.
CFQUERY Passes SQL to a database.
CFSET Defines a variable.
CFSETTING Define and control a variety ColdFusion settings.
CFSWITCH CFCASE CFDEFAULTCASE Evaluates a passed expression and passes control to the CFCASE tag that matches the expression result.
CFUPDATE Updates rows in a database data source.