ColdFusion Tags that are not in ColdFusion Express

The following tags are not in ColdFusion Express; however, both ColdFusion Server Professional and ColdFusion Server Enterprise support them.

CFML Tag Summary 



CFAPPLET Embeds Java applets in a CFFORM.
CFASSOCIATE Enables sub-tag data to be saved with the base tag.
CFAUTHENTICATE Authenticates a user and sets the security context for an application.
CFCACHE Caches ColdFusion pages.
CFCOL Defines table column header, width, alignment, and text.
CFCOLLECTION Creates and administers Verity collections.
CFCONTENT Defines the content type and, optionally, the filename of a file to be downloaded by the current page.
CFDIRECTORY Performs typical directory-handling tasks from within your ColdFusion application.
CFERROR Displays customized HTML error pages when errors occur.
CFEXIT Aborts processing of currently executing CFML custom tag.
CFFILE Performs typical file-handling tasks from within your ColdFusion application.
CFFORM Builds an input form and performs client-side input validation.
CFFTP Permits FTP file operations.
CFGRID Used in CFFORM to create a grid control for tabular data.
CFGRIDCOLUMN Used in CFFORM to define the columns used in a CFGRID.
CFGRIDROW Used with CFGRID to define a grid row.
CFGRIDUPDATE Performs updates directly to ODBC data source from edited grid data.
CFHEADER Generates HTTP headers.
CFHTMLHEAD Writes text, including HTML, to the HEAD section of a specified page.
CFHTTP Used to perform GET and POST to upload files or post a form, cookie, query, or CGI variable directly to a specified server.
CFHTTPPARAM Used with CFHTTP to specify parameters necessary for a CFHTTP POST operation.
CFINDEX Used to create Verity search indexes.
CFINPUT Used in CFFORM to create input elements such as radio buttons, checkboxes, and text entry boxes.
CFLDAP Provides access to LDAP directory servers.
CFLOCK Synchronizes a section of CFML code.
CFMAIL Assembles and posts an email message.
CFMODULE Used to invoke a custom tag.
CFOBJECT Creates and uses COM or CORBA objects.
CFPARAM Defines a parameter and its initial default value.
CFPOP Retrieves messages from a POP mail server.
CFPROCPARAM Specifies parameter information for a stored procedure.
CFPROCRESULT Specifies a result set name that other ColdFusion tags use to access the result set from a stored procedure.
CFREGISTRY Reads, writes, and deletes keys and values in the system registry.
CFREPORT Embeds a Crystal Reports report.
CFSCHEDULE Schedules page execution with option to produce static pages.
CFSCRIPT Encloses a set of CFScript statements.
CFSEARCH Executes searches against data indexed in Verity collections using CFINDEX.
CFSELECT Used in CFFORM to create a drop-down list box form element.
CFSLIDER Used in CFFORM to create a slider control element.
CFSTOREDPROC Specifies database connection information and identifies the stored procedure to be executed.
CFTABLE Builds a table.
CFTEXTINPUT Places a single-line text entry box in a CFFORM.
CFTHROW Raises a developer-specified exception.
CFTRANSACTION Groups CFQUERYs into a single transaction; performs rollback processing.
CFTREE Used in CFFORM to create a tree control element.
CFTREEITEM Used with CFTREE to populate a tree control element in a CFFORM.
CFWDDX Serializes and de-serializes CFML data structures to the XML-based WDDX format.

You can scale your Express applications using ColdFusion Enterprise or ColdFusion Professional to deliver complex, large volume, transaction intensive solutions. Applications built with ColdFusion Express can be deployed on any other version of ColdFusion Server without modification. More detailed information on upgrade opportunities from ColdFusion Express can be found online at