Displays the results of a database query or other operation. If you need to nest CFOUTPUT tags, please read the Usage section.


<CFOUTPUT QUERY="query_name"


Optional. The name of the CFQUERY from which you want to draw data for the output section.


Optional. Specifies the maximum number of rows you want displayed in the output section.


Optional. Specifies the parameter around which to group output. The GROUP parameter eliminates sequential duplicates in the case where data is sorted by the specified field.


Optional. Specifies the row from which to start output.


In order to nest CFOUTPUT blocks, you must specify the GROUP and QUERY attributes at the top-most level, and the GROUP attribute for all inner blocks except for the inner-most CFOUTPUT block.


<!--- This example shows how CFOUTPUT operates --->

<!--- run a sample query --->
<CFQUERY name="GetEmployeeInfo" DATASOURCE="HRApp">
SELECT StartDate, FirstName, LastName
FROM Employees
ORDER by LastName

<H3>CFOUTPUT Example</H3>

<P>CFOUTPUT tells ColdFusion Server
to begin processing, and then to hand back control
of page rendering to the web server.

<P>For example, to show today's date, you could write
#DateFormat("#Now()#").  If you enclosed that expression
in CFOUTPUT, the result would be <CFOUTPUT>#DateFormat(Now())#

<P>In addition, CFOUTPUT may be used to show the results of
a query operation, or only a partial result, as shown:

<P>There are <CFOUTPUT>#GetEmployeeInfo.RecordCount#</CFOUTPUT> total 
in our query.  Using the MAXROWS parameter, we are limiting our
display to 4 rows.
<CFOUTPUT query="GetEmployeeInfo" MAXROWS=4>
<PRE>#FirstName#    #LastName#    #StartDate#</PRE>


<P>CFOUTPUT can also show the results of a more complex expression,
such as getting the day of the week from today's date.  We first
extract the integer representing the Day of the Week from
the server function Now() and then apply the result to
the DayofWeekAsString function:

<BR>Today is <CFOUTPUT>#DayofWeekAsString(DayofWeek(Now()))#</CFOUTPUT>