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IETF Dependency List

Title Link Risk 3GPP2 Priority 3GPP2 Need 3GPP2 TSG 3GPP2 Release RFC Needed by Date IETF WG IETF/IESG Status
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Event Notification Extension for Notification Rate Control Replaced: Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Event Notification Throttles draft-ietf-sipcore-event-rate-control-08.txt Medium Critical Presence X X.S0027-003 12/31/2005 SIPCORE RFC 6446
DHCP Option for Home Information Discovery in MIPv6 draft-ietf-mip6-hiopt-18.txt High High MIP6 Enhancements X X.S0047, X.S0011-D v2.0 December 2006 DHC RFC Ed Queue
MIP6 Bootstrapping for the Integrated Scenario draft-ietf-mip6-bootstrapping-integrated-dhc-06.txt High High MIP6 Enhancements X X.S0047, X.S0011-D v2.0 December 2006 MIP6 RFC Ed Queue
Location Conveyance for the Session Initiation Protocol draft-ietf-sipcore-location-conveyance-08.txt Low High All-IP Emergency Services X X.S0049-0 1/31/2008 SIP RFC 6442
Diameter IKEv2 PSK: Pre-Shared Secret-based Support for IKEv2 Server to Diameter Server Interaction draft-ietf-dime-ikev2-psk-diameter-1.txt High High Femto X X.S0059 ASAP Dime IETF SUBMITTED FOR PUBLICATION


  • The dependency and priority is based on the information available as of April 24, 2012.
  • Where individual IDs are listed, there is a desire that an ID providing similar requirements of functionality be progressed within the working group.
  • The Risk column indicates the perceived risk of an ID progressing to RFC in the required timeframe.
    • Low: RFC number probable in required publication timeframe
    • Medium: RFC number likely in required publication timeframe
    • High: RFC number unlikely in required publication timeframe
    • Critical: RFC number unlikely when publication is imminent
  • The 3GPP2 Priority column indicates criticality of the ID to the 3GPP2 specification.
    • Desirable: Desire to include functionality in referenced release
    • Critical: Required functionality in referenced release
  • The 3GPP2 Need column briefly describes the basic functional need.
  • IETF/IESG Status is based on "IETF ID Tracker" at https://datatracker.ietf.org/public/pidtracker.cgi. IDs that have been advanced to RFC are marked in green. IDs in risk of meeting the publication date are marked in red. IDs with a Risk level of High or Critical, are Definite, and have Critical 3GPP2 Priority are highlighted in yellow in the list.
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