Saving Application Pages

Instead of saving pages with a HTM file extension, you save ColdFusion application pages with a CFM extension.

By default, the Web server knows to pass a page that contains a CFM extension to the ColdFusion Server when it is requested by a browser.

Save ColdFusion application pages underneath the Web root or another Web server mapping so that the Web server can publish these pages to the internet.

The CFDOCS directory is created and assigned appropriate permissions when you install ColdFusion documentation. Save your practice pages here to ensure that you have access to the files.

Note To save the page:
  1. Select File >Save.
  2. The Save As window appears.

  3. Save your page as MyFirstPage.cfm in CFDOCS under the Web root directory.
  4. For example, the directory path on your machine may be: C:\INETPUB\WWWROOT\CFDOCS on Windows NT

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