Writing Code

You can code your application pages using NotePad or any HTML editor. The instructions below guide you through developing your application pages using the Allaire HomeSite because:

Click here to download an evaluation copy of HomeSite from our Web site.

Note To create an application page:
  1. Open Allaire HomeSite.
  2. Select File > New to create a new document or page.
  3. The New Document Template window appears.

  4. Select the Default Template for your new page.
  5. Allaire HomeSite adds the standard HTML template code for you.

  6. Change the document title from Untitled to My First Page.
  7. Type ColdFusion directly under the begin BODY tag.
  8. Enclose ColdFusion in a STRONG block tag.
  9. The page code should look like this:

    <TITLE>My First Page</TITLE>

Move on to the next series of steps to save the page.

Allaire HomeSite features make it easy to code HTML, JavaScript, and CFML. To learn about HomeSite, refer to the HomeSite product page.