Viewing Application Pages

View the page on the Web server (local) as you go to ensure that the code is working as expected. Presently, your page is very simple. But, as you add more code, you will want to ensure that the page continues to work.

Note To view the page in a local browser:
  1. Open a Web browser on your local machine and enter the following URL to view MyFirstPage.cfm:

    Where refers to the localhost and is only valid when you are viewing pages locally.

  3. View Source in the browser to examine the code that the browser uses for rendering.
  4. Only HTML and text is returned to the browser.

    The code that was returned to the browser looks likes this:

    <TITLE>My First Page</TITLE>

Now that you have created the ColdFusion application page, move on to the next set of steps and add some CFML.