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The "System Aspects and Core Network" Technical Specification Group (TSG-SX) is responsible for:
  • Development of service capability requirements for 3GPP2 systems
  • High level architectural issues, as required, to coordinate service development across the various TSGs
  • Specification of the core network part of 3GPP2 systems
Specifically, TSG-SX has responsibility for:
  • Network architecture and associated system requirements and reference models
  • Definition of system requirements to support regional regulatory and market needs
  • Core network signaling and bearer interfaces
  • IP technology to support wireless packet data services, including voice and multimedia
  • Maintaining synergy with other relevant standards/specifications setting bodies
  • Development and maintenance of text for specifications and reports
  • Management of work items placed under its responsibility
  • Validation and verification of specification text it develops
  • Support of external requests related to its work
More specifically, TSG-SX will address the following areas of work:
  • Evolution of core network to support interoperability and intersystem operations, including the Mobile Application Part (MAP)
  • Network support for enhanced privacy, authentication, data integrity, QoS and other security aspects
  • International roaming
  • Wireless IP services, including VoIP, multimedia services, IP mobility management, private network access, and QoS support
  • Stage 1 services and features requirements definition
  • Numbering aspects and administrative guidelines
  • Charging aspects for network services
  • Interworking with other technologies
  • Support of 3GPP2 work and requests from external organizations, including the ITU, 3GPP, ETSI, CDG, CTIA, IETF, Broadband Forum, CCF, OMA, and oneM2M

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