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3GPP2 Technology Webinar; Targeting European Interests

3GPP2 was pleased to have sponsored a two hour cdma2000 technology webinar on Wednesday, June 19th 2013 specifically directed at the needs of operators in the 450 MHz band in Europe. This webinar described the benefits of this cellular radio technology for voice, data and M2M services, especially the new capabilities provided by cdma2000 1X Revisions E and F, and HRPD (EVDO) versions B and C . The webinar showed how these technologies provide high capacity, high quality voice, are most compatible with the large cell diameters in the 450 MHz band, and provide data capacities that match the needs of 3G systems and emerging machine-to-machine (M2M) services.

The webinar covered the following topics:

  • cdma2000 1X Advanced voice and data services (Revision E).
  • High speed data services from HRPD (EVDO) Revisions B and C.
  • M2M optimizations in 1X Revision F.
  • Interworking 1X and HRPD with LTE.
  • User services, R-UIM and CSIM cards and provisioning.
  • Numbering issues.
  • Network improvements (Self-organizing networks and energy efficiency).

Presentations are hyperlinked in the cdma2000 Technology Webinar Agenda or can be found here:

View or download the recorded webinar below.

cdma2000 Webinar

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