Verifying ColdFusion Express

After installation, test ColdFusion Express to ensure that it is configured correctly for a Web server. ColdFusion is delivered with sample applications and databases. You may test the configuration by accessing a sample application or by accessing the ColdFusion Administrator, a tool that you can use to fine-tune the server settings.

Note To verify ColdFusion Express Server:
  1. Select Start > Programs > ColdFusion Express > Welcome to ColdFusion.
  2. The ColdFusion Server Welcome page appears in your default browser.

  3. Select Test your ColdFusion Installation from the Here's Where to Begin category on the page.
  4. The Verification Installation and Configuration page appears.

  5. Choose Biology from the department field and choose Verify Query to perform a test query.
  6. The test query, Courses Offered by the Biology Department, appears when successful.

Note Note:You can also verify the installation by entering in a local browser URL window or selecting ColdFusion Administrator from the Start menu ColdFusion Express program group to open the ColdFusion Administrator.

If you are not successful, read the installation considerations and final notes before contacting Allaire Corp.