Developer Resources

Allaire is committed to setting the standard for customer support in developer education, technical support, and professional services. Our Web site is designed to give you quick access to the entire range of online resources.

Allaire Developer Services 
Resource Description
Allaire Web site Our home page provides general information about Allaire products and services as well as regular corporate news updates.
Technical Support Allaire offers a wide range of professional support programs.
Training There are a variety of courses that you may attend at an Allaire training center, at your site, on the Internet, and even at your desktop.
Developer Community The DevCenter provides the resources that you need to stay on the cutting edge of development. There are links to Support Forums, our Knowledge Base, the Developer's Exchange, technical papers and more.
Allaire Alliance There is a network of solution providers, application developers, releasers, and hosting services creating solutions with ColdFusion.