Creating Variables

Variables are created in different ways depending on the variable type. The table below describes how ColdFusion Express supported variables are created.

Variable Type Creation
Local The CFSET or CFPARAM tag.
Query The CFQUERY tag.
Form Passes from the HTML form to the action page.
URL Passes from the query string (?) at the end of a URL to a target page.
Cookie The CFSET or CFCOOKIE tag.
CGI Passes from the browser and server during a browser request.
Application The CFSET or CFPARAM tag.

During this chapter, you will create and reference a local variable, learn how to reference some CGI variables and, learn how to set cookie variables. You will create other variables on an as needed basis throughout this book. For example, you will create and reference query variables in Chapter 5, Building Pages that Retrieve Data and form variables in Chapter 7, Using Forms and Action Pages.