Variable Types

There are a variety of variable types that you can create and reference in your ColdFusion applications and many of them are available for you to use with ColdFusion Express.

Also note that ColdFusion variables are typeless. This means that you don't need to define whether or not the variable value is numeric, text, or time-date.

The table below describes the variables that you can use with ColdFusion Express.

Variable Type Description
Local Manually initialize and manipulate values on an application page.
Query Automatically store data that's retrieved from a query on an application page.
Form Automatically store and pass form control data from a form to a form's action page.
URL Manually set and pass values from one page to another (target page) at the end of a URL.
HTTP Cookies Manually set and automatically pass an identification value between the client and the server.
CGI Automatically pass environment details available on HTTP Web server during browser requests.
Application Manually initialize with values on an application.cfm page. Manually reference values on other application-specific pages.