Installing ColdFusion Express

If you are viewing this documentation, then you have installed ColdFusion Express and this explanation is for information only.

Load and configure ColdFusion Express by launching the install program, setup.exe.

During ColdFusion Express setup, a wizard prompts for:

If your system has a previous version of ColdFusion, setup.exe replaces ColdFusion program files but does not remove or change any existing application pages.

Note Note:Prior to running setup.exe, close all other applications and shutdown any database servers running on the same machine. This ensures that the ODBC drivers install properly.
Note To install ColdFusion Express:
  1. Login to your system using an Administrator account.
  2. Run setup.exe from your hard drive.
  3. Read and accept the ColdFusion Express license agreement.
  4. Fill in the product registration form.
  5. Accept default folder names for ColdFusion files.
  6. Select the Web server for ColdFusion.
  7. The setup wizard polls your computer and displays the Web root directory it finds.

  8. Accept default folder names for ColdFusion files.
  9. ColdFusion examples and documentation are installed in the CFDOCS directory which resides below the Web server's root directory.

  10. Add ColdFusion Express to the Start menu.
  11. Start the installation by verifying the data on the next screen and then press Next.

After the installation is complete, perform the next series of tasks if you have an Apache Web server. Otherwise, move ahead to verify that ColdFusion Express is running.

Note Note:Allaire recommends that you don't install sample applications and documentation on production servers or servers that are available on the internet unless you secure the CFDOCS directory using standard Web security.