CFML is a tag-based server scripting language that encapsulates complex processes such as connecting to databases and LDAP servers, and sending email. The core of the ColdFusion development platform language is more than 70 server-side tags and more than 140 functions.

ColdFusion Enterprise and Professional CFML

The CFML that's delivered with the ColdFusion development platform is also extensible and seamlessly integrates with major distributed objects standards such as COM and CORBA.

Note Note:To learn about the full-featured ColdFusion development platform, refer to the ColdFusion product pages.

ColdFusion Express CFML

ColdFusion Express CFML is a pared down server scripting language. ColdFusion Express CFML includes 10 server-side tags and a variety of functions that you can use to build Web applications that interact with databases that adhere to ODBC standards.