Verifying ColdFusion Data Sources

The ColdFusion Administrator includes a facility for verifying data sources configured for ColdFusion. This is a useful way of making sure that a data source has been correctly configured and is available to your ColdFusion application pages.

Note Note:A username and password are required for data sources to be verified. To define a username and password for a data source, edit the properties for the data source.
Note To verify a ColdFusion data source:
  1. Click the ODBC link under the Settings menu. The ODBC Data Sources page appears.
  2. Select a data source from the drop down list and click Verify. If the specified data source is not accessible, ColdFusion lets you know with an error message.
Note Note:If a connection test fails, it is sometimes useful to run a CFQUERY against the failed data source to get more helpful error messages.