ColdFusion Express Sample Application

During ColdFusion Express installation, a sample intranet site, Global Corp, was installed in the CFDOCS directory under your Web root.

The site is made up of different sections that represent typical intranet application needs. All can be accessed from the intranet home page:


You can learn a lot about programming with ColdFusion Express by running, viewing, and copying existing application code.

To view the sample application code, open any page in HomeSite.

The table below describes site sections.

Page Name Application Purpose Comments
Global Corp Home Page (Index.cfm) Intranet home page This application illustrates how to:
  • Build a login page
  • Build a home page
  • Set variable default values
  • Use application scope variables
  • Use an application.cfm file to include the same application logic in every page
  • Reuse code using the CFINCLUDE tag
  • Set and reuse common variables using application.cfm.
Employee Directory Employee management This application illustrates how to:
  • Publish data to the Web from a database
  • Build search interfaces that filter data that's retrieved
  • Build Web front-ends so that data can be inserted and updated in a database
Threaded Discussion Discussion group This application illustrates how to:
  • Build customizable online discussion forums
Product Catalog Ecommerce This application illustrates how to:
  • Test for browser type to make good use of JavaScript, CSS and DHTML
  • Index with Verity
  • Include a dynamic shopping cart
  • Use CustomTags to abstract complexity and reuse code across applications
Meeting Room Scheduler Calendaring and Scheduling This application illustrates how to:
  • Build a calendar and scheduling form using complex SQL filtering
  • Generate custom confirmation messages